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Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling consists in controlled removal of different cutaneous layers achieved by placing different types of acids on the designated area of skin.

The goal is to attain improved appearance and fundamental parameters of the skin through renewal of the various components.

Chemical peeling creates evident changes in the skin through three mechanisms:

  • 1. Stimulation of cellular turnover through the removal of dead cells from the stratum corneum.
  • 2. Elimination of damaged and degenerate epidermal cells, which will be substituted by normal epidermal cells. These results will be particularly evident in the actinic keratosis and abnormal pigmentation treatment.
  • 3. Inducing an inflammatory reaction by activating inflammatory mediators and producing new collagen fibers and glycosaminoglycans (revitalizing mechanisms of the skin).

The result will be brighter, more uniform and softer skin which has been restructured in its intimate composition. Furthermore, there will be an improvement of the pH level and moisturisation of the skin.

The modern concept of peeling is that by performing various sessions of superficial or medium depth peeling one will obtain excellent and long-lasting aesthetic results without risk of undesired effects.

This will then allow treatment of:

  • - photoaging;
  • - epidermal imperfections such as actinic keratosis;
  • - active acne and acne related scars;
  • - scars of a different nature, including stretch marks;
  • - hyperpigmentation.