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Mesotherapy or regional intradermal therapy

Mesotherapy or regional intradermal therapy

This is a therapeutic method in which a small quantity of both classical and phototherapeutic medication or homeopathic medication is injected into the skin.

Mesotherapy treatment involves injection directly into the affected region to amplify the effects on the precise area of the skin. The diseases that rely on this method of treatment are numerous.

This treatment is often used in Aesthetic Medicine:

  • - for FSPS (fibrosclerotic panniculopathy) commonly known as “cellulitis”;
  • - for vein-lymphatic insufficiency in the lower extremities.

The medication injected through a very small needle 30G (4mm) and acts on the affected area as:

  • - an anti-inflammatory: it competes with the cell activity, limiting or preventing the secretion of fibrotic substances.
  • - a vascular function: acting on the external wall of the arteries restoring their aperture and so allowing the clear up & outflow of metabolic waste through the circulatory system for ultimate elimination.

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive practice that aims to restore the physiology of the cutaneous area concerned.

A mesotherapy cycle may usually require 8 to 15 sessions on a weekly basis, and subsequently a monthly maintenance session to stabilize the obtained results. The treatment cycle could also be combined with lymphatic drainage and localized fat treatments.