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Skin check-up by Bartoletti Ramette

Skin check-up by Bartoletti Ramette

This check-up is a methodical non-invasive approach, useful for evaluating the physiological balance and the level of skin health. A great majority of women use cosmetic products for skin care, but a very small minority use specific products suitable for their own skin’s condition. This check up thus allows correction of treatment mistakes and ongoing evaluation of the efficiency of the corrections performed. It is always good to perform a skin check-up, at any age, once or twice per year.

The physiological balance of the skin is expressed through the condition of the hydrolipidic film covering it, it’s temperature, pH levels, as well as the skin’s hydration.

This methodology involves both a clinical and an instrumental approach: an objective examination is performed through a magnifying glass in daylight and with an ultraviolet lamp, then an instrumental evaluation of the described parameters and finally some tests are performed to evaluate skin sensitivity.

It is essential that no cosmetics are applied in the 12 hours before the performance of these tests.

The correct reading of the values obtained during check-up allows us to:

  • - establish global skin health balance to obtain an aesthetic diagnosis (dry, seborrheic, sensitive skin etc.)
  • - plan a set of hygienic measures to take, such as choosing customized cosmetics, give up smoking, need for protection against ultraviolet rays etc.
  • - establish which treatments to recommend to the patient (peelings, fillers, cutaneous biostimulation etc.) and a follow-up evaluation of the effects of the treatments & the dermal-cosmetics applied.